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Saturday, 11/18/2017
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  This is a private-use area for registered agents only.  
  Registered agents may download files and protest accounts using the HCAD web site instead of visiting HCAD or using the mail.  
  To register with HCAD, please contact the agent sections at 713-812-5858.  
If you are running Internet Explorer 10 or 11, you will need to turn on Compatibility Mode. Click this link for instructions.
How to set Compatibility Mode
  Online Agent Services (OAS) communicates to the agent community using the email address you have provided HCAD.  
  It is your responsibility to communicate to us any changes to that email address.

To see the email address used by OAS please logon and then click on My Account in the upper right corner of the screen. Your company's contact information will be listed in the lower portion of that screen.

  After approximately 17 minutes of inactivity on this site you will receive a warning lasting approximately 03 minutes before being logged off. Any uncompleted requests will be lost.  

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